Why is correct autorouting so difficult, Garmin?

3 examples from a tour in Austria last weekend:

  1. Route from “Langenlois” to “Nöhagen”:
    green = autoroute by garmin
    orange = simple direct waygarmin-navinonsene-01
  2. Route from “Melk” to “Wieselburg”
    green = autoroute directing me on a minor road directly near the highway connection!
    note: no “highway” or “toll road” avoidance activated in the settings!!!
    orange: simple direct connection to the highway
  3. Route from center of “Mariazell” to “Neuberg an der Mürz”
    green = Garmin directing me on a very narrow, steep street in the city instead of leading me on the main road (orange) to the exit of the village

navigation device: zumo660 (current firmware)
map: city navigator europe 2017.1

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